Our Kuvasz History

Starhaven Kuvasz are loved and owned by Agi and Sandor Hejja, both natives of Hungary. Agi has Kuvasz history began in 1982 and has raised many successful litters of Kuvasz puppies under the “Starhaven” name.

I was in elementary school in Hungary when we learned about dogs. The photo in my book representing the “dog” was a TabuKuvasz. The description read “Man’s best friend: Regal, Loyal, Excellent Guard- the KUVASZ.” I decided then that one day I would have a Kuvasz of my own. That day came in 1970 when I bought my first puppy Hippitanyai Tabu (Tabu) from my summer earnings while in high school. Continue reading “Our Kuvasz History”

Kuvasz Breed Description

Wholeheartedly devoted, fantastically loyal to his owners, courageous, fearless and has the ability to act on his own initiative. He is strong, willing, alert, able to move with lightning speed if he senses the need, and is ever ready to assume the responsibilities of his natural role of guard-companion, whether of home, children, or in the management and care of livestock. Continue reading “Kuvasz Breed Description”