Kuvasz Breed Description

Wholeheartedly devoted, fantastically loyal to his owners, courageous, fearless and has the ability to act on his own initiative. He is strong, willing, alert, able to move with lightning speed if he senses the need, and is ever ready to assume the responsibilities of his natural role of guard-companion, whether of home, children, or in the management and care of livestock.

Primarily a one-family dog. Treats strangers circumspectly, being rather cool and aloof, but accepts them for what they seem. He makes friends cautiously but when he does, it is usually for life. The nature of the Kuvasz is very well described in an old Hungarian proverb: “The friend of his master is his friend, his master’s enemy is his enemy.”

Prefers the company of children, with whom he is gentle, but ready and willing to play. It is important, however, that parents educate small children in the care of their dog and teach them to recognize the animal’s feeling of pain and pleasure, for no dog should be treated with the same carelessness as a stuffed toy.

Rugged, adjusts to all climates and conditions. Should not be pampered. Should have considerable exercise and, if possible, should have some opportunity to run in open areas so that he can really stretch out and go now and then. Such exercise is beneficial and a welcome change from other routines.

Socialization outside the home should start immediately after the puppy has finished his inoculation series. Rides in the car, visits to shopping centers, train stations, and friends, are all excellent places for exposure to normal everyday sights and sounds that he will encounter during his life. It is essential that your Kuvasz be introduced to as many positive situations as possible. The more he is exposed to these, the better he will be able to judge when a situation is unfriendly and act accordingly.

Training should begin on the day you bring your puppy home. You will find that the companionship of an obedient dog more than repays for your efforts. Being highly intelligent, the Kuvasz is easy to train. He is a fast learner. Make the learning experiences short and fun. Always pet and praise him when he successfully accomplishes a task!


Proper environment, good health care, good nutrition, socialization, training and lots of love are the necessary ingredients for a great companion who in turn will give you years of joy.

Beauty in repose and in action, intelligence, dignity, natural guarding instinct are all very positive qualities, but there is something more to our big white fellows: a vein of the wild and a natural habit of treating man as an equal and a friend. If you want instant obedience and submission, keep away from this breed, but if you appreciate friendship given and received, a trace of humor and much teaching or the lore of the wild, a typical Kuvasz is the best you can have.