Our Kuvasz History

Starhaven Kuvasz are loved and owned by Agi and Sandor Hejja, both natives of Hungary. Agi has Kuvasz history began in 1982 and has raised many successful litters of Kuvasz puppies under the “Starhaven” name.

I was in elementary school in Hungary when we learned about dogs. The photo in my book representing the “dog” was a TabuKuvasz. The description read “Man’s best friend: Regal, Loyal, Excellent Guard- the KUVASZ.” I decided then that one day I would have a Kuvasz of my own. That day came in 1970 when I bought my first puppy Hippitanyai Tabu (Tabu) from my summer earnings while in high school.

Tabu was shown in Hungary and received a “Very Good” rating. While at the “Breed Evaluation”, Antal Kovacs, well-respected judge and past manager of Gyapjus Kuvasz Kennels, gave him an “Excellent” rating. Tabu came to the United Sates at the age of fifteen months. He earned 14 points (out of the 15 needed) towards his American Championship before I stopped showing him.

Tabu was not only a companion turned show-dog, but a protector as well. He accompanied me wherever I went: camping, hiking, picnicking and even to shopping centers. He made sure no one showed any unwanted interest in my car or belongings. He was a very special friend who taught me a lot about the personality and temperament of this breed.

It was 1982 before the first Starhaven litter was born. Until then, during my 12 years of Kuvasz ownership, I learned as much as I could about the breed by whelping, training, and showing other Kuvasz owners’ dogs. I had assisted in 6 Kuvasz litters, raised, trained, and showed some of these puppies to their American Championship, before my first litter came into existence. I felt it was important to first pay my dues and learn a lot from other people’s dogs-their mistakes and their successes. After all that, when I felt I was competent and knowledgeable enough to have a litter, the Starhaven’s “A” litter was born.